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Here’s Why That Social Media Detox You Just Took Probably Didn’t Work

Have you ever noticed that short-term fixes never work?

Using duct tape to hold your license plate to the rear bumper of a car or gluing a piece of your shoe to keep it in place might help for a while.

Eventually, what you need is a long-term solution. สล็อตวอเลท

Social media can be the same way.

Some experts have called for a “social media detox” as a way to deal with obsessive usage. There’s some value in this as a way to see just how obsessed you are with Facebook or some other platform. The problem is that, like any productivity hack, it’s not really addressing the root cause or providing a solution that works all year long and into the next decade.

Usually, it goes something like this.

The idea is to quit Facebook for a month or even longer. You can’t check your feeds, can’t post any new content, can’t even use the Messenger app. You quit...for a while.

It feels good at first. The brain science behind compulsive social media use is clear. We receive a dopamine hit when we notice a large number of likes on a post. Experts say this slot machine approach to social media keeps us hooked, because we all like positive feedback.
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